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Daithí agus Goliath (2012)

Dáithí agus Goliath was made by the company known as Gobstar Film between the years 2012 and 2022 which is now known as Fadó Fadó Films.

15 min  |   English   |  Pat O Brien | Gerald O Brien | Martin Streit

Plot Description:

When Daithi comes home after a hard day on the mountain, his brothers seem to be missing. Certain that they have run off on some adventure without him, he fumes. Little does he know however that they have been kiddnapped by vikings. 

But what can Daithi do, he's just an 8 year old boy with a slingshot.


Dáithi agus Goliath was the first Gobstar film and to this day inspires the way we do things. It was the first motion captured animation in Ireland at the time and went on to multiple film festivals at home and abroad during its festival cycle.

Watch the full film here

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